Three Island Crossing Days Inc. and Three Island Crossing Re-enactment Organization working together with Idaho Parks and Recreation and the Businesses of Glenns Ferry to bring the citizens of Idaho and friends from around the World together for a fun filled, educational, entertaining weekend.

​​Three Island Days Inc. (Organization)

P.O. Box 913, Glenns Ferry, Idaho 83623

People Working together to Put On the Crossing and Other Events

The Three Island Days committees and officers work with the Three Island Idaho State Park and the City and Businesses of Glenns Ferry to bring everyone together for a fun and exciting event.   

Events:   Three Island Days Celebration

                                  The Second Saturday in August

                                                                        August 12th, 2017


President:                                       Rich Wills       

                                                         Connie Wills             208-366-7408 

Secretary:                                       Annette Payne  208-366-2276 

Treasurer:                                       Dale Smith     

Vice President:                               Gary Klett       

Parking:                                             Scott Smith      208-366-2227                                 

Vendor Committee:                        Geri Gumb     

Entertainment Committee:           Douglas Jones  208-300-6060

                                                              Jill Laib                       208-599-1489

Gate Entry Fees:  $10.00 Per Car      Advanced Ticket Sales at World Wide Equine

Commemorative buttons available                                               

Three Island Crossing Re-enactment Organization

People Doing the Actual Crossing By Horseback or Wagon

No Actual River Crossing In 2017



Three Island Crossing

Re-enactment Organization